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Say goodbye to tarnished silver jewellery with anti tarnish, hypo allergenic Monel Silver- Exclusive to Belle Fever (not to be confused with monel metal)

If you have acidic skin but love silver jewellery, then Monel Silver is exactly what you need! With a similar grade to titanium, this highly durable metal will never tarnish, and it has no nickel or lead to aggravate allergies.

Belle Fever founder Sarah, frustrated with silver jewellery constantly turning black after a few days or weeks, worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to tarnished silver. She spent a great deal of time researching and testing materials like titanium – which was recommended by blacksmiths, but unfortunately too strong and hard to be cut into a shape like a name necklace.

After many months of trialling and testing, we developed our own superior silver material, which features the durability of titanium, but easier to cut into custom jewellery and is nickel free. We call it Monel silver.

Monel silver has a warm white gold hue – without the price tag! Affordable and durable and developed to have anti tarnish, hypoallergenic properties, Belle Fever’s Monel Silver is exclusively available across the full Belle Fever jewellery range.

Our gold and rose gold jewellery is also unique with the gold or rose gold being infused into the Monel silver, rather than plated. Infused gold is a far superior method to gold plating, as it won’t rub off and lose its good looks over time. Plus infused gold and rose gold pieces are durable and safe to wear all the time – in the shower, exercising or even in swimming pools.

You can see and feel the quality of our materials and craftsmanship. All our pieces are solid and a thick 1.5 - 2mm, so will not bend or look flimsy.

Choose your Belle Fever piece now from our Silver, Gold or Rose Gold collections.

Silver Gold / Rose Gold
Minimum 1.5mm Thickness
Does not Tarnish
HypoAllergenic & No Nickel
Strong, Solid and Durable
Can be worn all the time (even in the shower)
Made to last
Similar grade to Titanium
Unique White Gold look finish without the price tag
Has a warm 14k gold colour
Gold Infused into the materials

NB: Our materials are NOT gold filled or gold plated. Belle Fever materials are 100% hypoallergenic, not causing any allergic reactions, skin irritations or discolouration. Completely allergy free.


15,291 Customer Reviews


Love my Double Feet - especially good for sensitive skin....l usually cannot wear jewellery for more than half a day without a rash starting, but believe it or not l can wear this all day, everyday, without having to take it off....there was maybe 5 times over summer when l had been sweating alot when the tempretures were in the high 30 degrees for days in a row where l got a slight redness but l took it off overnight and it would be fine again in the morning.....honestly l get rashes from my jean buttons, but l never have to take this off....if your sensitive, this jewellery is for you!! Highly Recommend :o). xx

Written by Odette C.


My beautiful daughter, Meiyah loves wearing necklaces like mine so I had a piece made for her also. I gave it to her yesterday & she was so excited, the smile on her face was priceless. This was very meaningful because, she wants to be like mummy, and the honour in that is indescribable. But also because it’s become like a little mummy/daughter BFF charm. A little symbol of us, but kept uniquely individual. my daughter has very sensitive skin and she’s able to wear this without an issue! No reactions, no flare ups! Again I thank you Belle Fever!

Written by Sahara M.


I love my new necklace. It keeps my whole family close to my heart at all times. I am also normally very allergic to jewellery have a dermatitis type of reaction to most things and this has not affected me at all. One of the first to things I out in every morning.

Written by Rikki N.


I absolutely love my ring. So special to have my childrens names so close. I have very sensitive skin and have had no reactions at all. Highly recommend! I have already ordered more.

Written by Haylee L.


I am love my 3 coloured ring it looks very elegant on and I have received lots of compliments and of course I say “Belle Fever” The best Jewellery that doesn’t Tarnish

Written by Lorraine W.


I brought a necklace for my daughter last year and the gold doesn’t fade. I love it.

Written by Annita F.

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