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Like what our jewellery does, we love being a part of life changing causes and events, so we do try to take part and support as many as we can and have allocated more resources to do so. In saying that, we believe that supporting causes and events is not only by gifting a voucher or a special piece of jewellery, we want to do more and make sure that the impact is deeper.

With that in mind, we would like to invite you to write about your event and how our causes align with yours on our blog. We will not only gift you a voucher or design of your choice, but we will also share that blog post on our Facebook page that has over 250,000 fans and with our email subscribers of over 150,000.

When writing your blog please use this format as a guide:
1. Introduce your organisation
2. When and where is the event? What is your event or cause about and what do you hope to achieve?
3. Finish this sentence: Personalised jewellery by Belle Fever would mean........
4. How does Belle Fever fit with your audience/attendants?

When you are ready, please submit your blog HERE with a picture (this can be of your past event or your organisation)


Please send email to once this has been done so that we can get the gift organised for you :)

Looking forward to a successful event and bringing awareness to your cause :)

PS We would be most appreciative, if once you receive the gift, if you could leave a review for us when we send you the invitation link. As a small business, we rely on reviews :)

Thank you

Belle Fever Team xx