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I was looking through my past emails, as we prepared for a new website launch and system build, and came across this photo. The Swirls Of My Heart is such a challenging design to inscribe as the space is thinner than the other designs and it swirls around to the centre, however when it is completed, it is such a stunning design that is not only unique but has enough space to carry a long quote that you have. This quote of “you never know how strong you are, until you have to be” is such a life changing statement. In life we have our ups and downs, but what I have learned is that in order for us to grow and become the strong person we are meant to be, we have to experience the challenges. This photo was of a necklace that was made for a customer who made the decision to be strong and to mark the date her life changed. Nicki was in a relationship where she was abused and became a victim of domestic violence, she had a little daughter who was witnessing her mother being beaten by her father. Nicki told me of the many times she was thinking of leaving, but was scared to leave as he had threatened to take her daughter away and that she would never see her again. One day while she was sitting on her bed crying, her daughter came up to her and said “mummy you are stronger than you think”. She told me that those words gave her the courage that she needed, so she packed her bags, took her daughter and left. She didn’t want her daughter to think that this was ok or normal, so she made the decision to be the strong mother that her daughter believed she was. Nicki ordered this necklace from us to mark the one year anniversary of the day she made that decision. She said she is now living her life to the full with her daughter, and while it was very hard, and still continues to be difficult, she says it was the best decision she has ever made and that whenever she feels down, she reads her necklace and starts feeling strong. I don’t know what you are going through or what decisions you are facing at the moment, but whatever it is just remember that there is a strength inside of you that you never knew existed and can only be unleashed at the point where you need it the most 🙂


Your Chief Moment Maker,


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