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What’s In A Name?

Belle Fever creates unique and personal pieces. Our name pieces are custom made and give you the flexibility to direct the spelling of your chosen names. In a recent review, one customer that purchased Belle Fever’s Name Bracelet in Silver revealed how refreshing our custom made jewellery is: “It’s great, first time my daughter has her name correctly spelt”.

Belle Fever is committed to creating tailor-made pieces for unique and special personalities. Our aim is to deliver that precious piece that reflects you completely.

Spelling names differently to the traditional version is becoming more and more common. In 2014 Baby Center reported that the name Sophia came in at number three for popularity, whereas the same name spelt differently, Sofia, came in at number 17. The name Claire came in at 35 for popularity, however there are alternate spellings, including Clare, Clair and even Klyr.

Belle Fever offers a large variety of custom made name items, including bracelets, necklaces, charms, bangles, and can include multiple names of loved ones on some items.

So no matter what the spelling – you can find the perfect piece!


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