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We’re Pregnant! The Politically Correct Thoughts of Husband and Wife Pregnancy

It seems the airwaves are buzzing after the hilarious Mila Kunis skit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Mila’s “rant,” though funny and meant to be a spoof, does bring up some interesting talking points. Here are our thoughts on daddies, babies and pregnancy along with some handy tips for new dads.

“We’re pregnant!” may sound slightly inaccurate, but in reality “it takes two to tango” so we feel that dad has every right to join in this joyous occasion. Some dads-to-be claim to have “sympathy cravings” similar to what their pregnant partner is experiencing and some even claim to experience post-partum blues like their spouse. Whatever the symptom, just recognise that dads have every right to be part of the celebration and take equal credit in this miracle of life.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of dads-to-be have a solid fear related to being in the delivery room when their baby is born. Though is 80% acknowledges that the birth of their child is a glorious event, they also express fear about the sight of blood and fluids. If the daddy-to-be in your life is having those same fears, talk about it together and form a plan for in case things do get a little dicey in the delivery room.

Get Ready for Life to Change: “ One thing is always constant, and that is change.” Moms and dads need to both know and understand that, once baby comes, there may need to be some shifting of schedules and activities during those sometimes trying first few months of life. Weekly golf games or Monday night card games may need to go on the back burner for a bit, but we can assure our soon-to-be-dads that, the joy and wonder of what they will experience when they spend time with their newborn will far outweigh the inconvenience of missing a few opportunities to hang out with “the guys.”


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