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The Season of Parenthood & Our Ever-Changing Role as Parents

Isn’t it crazy how fast our kids grow? For most of us it “seems like yesterday” that our kids were tiny babies who evolved (seemingly overnight) into toddlers. Then, before we could blink, they were “big kids” involved in school, fashion trends, making friends and discovering how to be more and more independent. Multitudes of parents before us have said that from the time their kids were born, they were constantly learning to let go. As our kids grow our parenting strategies need to grow as well because…well, these little buggers don’t come with an instruction manual. As our child grows, develops, learns, and matures, so does our role as parents.

Over the years, as your child has grown, you undoubtedly have discovered they have their own unique personality and temperament. During that time you have probably have learned to work around these quirks and issues and have unconsciously redeveloped your parenting skills around those individual needs. No two kids are exactly alike so therefore, neither should your parenting style. Some children may need more guidance and comfort because they are unsure of themselves. Yet another child may be very motivated or confident and just not need a great deal of prodding or steering from the parent. No matter what personality your child is, please remember to always encourage their independence, nurture their ability to ask for help when needed and continue to praise good deeds, actions, and traits.

Some of the most important tools we as parents have are our eyes and our ears. We have to see what’s going on with our child and we have to hear what they are telling us. Keep your eyes and ears open and communicate honestly and openly with your child, and you’ll both mature gracefully.


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