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Taming the Toy Tangle Part 2

Last time we talked about decluttering out children’s toys, I shared the idea of creating a rotation system  here Like I mentioned in that past article, our kids’ toys tend to “collect” and pile up until they are almost an impenetrable mess. Each day seems to add a new toy to the pile and chances are your child doesn't play with all of those toys every day anyway. Here are some more innovative ideas to keep your toy jungle under control:

#1 Make Systems for Storage

Create a place for everything and teach your child to put things away. The largest clutter culprits are often the small toys like Legos, doll clothes, blocks, toy cars and action figures are problematic. Small bins can do the trick. Place a photo or label on the bin so your child knows where to put the toys back when they’re done.

#2 Instill That Clean-up can be fun

At the end of playtime, have a five minute clean-up session. You might even want to create a clean-up song. Sing the song and require your child to clean up after themselves. Make it a game and challenge them to clean up in a specified amount of time. If they beat the clock they win a prize.

#3 Make them responsible

Sometimes children test their parents. If your child is unwilling to put their toys away, take away all of the toys that aren't cleaned up. Stick to your word. Don’t be swayed by tears and tantrums. Children can learn at a young age to be responsible for their belongings.

#4 Get Rid of It

Finally, your child will undoubtedly outgrow toys. As they do, create a plan to get rid of them by donating the toys to charities. You can also resell these items at a garage sale or consignment store as an addition stream of income for your family.


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