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Taming the Toy Tangle Part 1

You walk into your child's room and stop dead in your tracks. You're not sure, but it looks like a toy cyclone has hit the room and the carpet has virtually disappeared until a mass of play items. Welcome to the world of parenting.

Let me assure you, you are not the first parent to be mortified by the state of your child’s playroom. To make matters worse, each new toy brought in only makes the mess worse. But don’t despair, the following is a great strategy that can help you declutter the toys and enjoy a (somewhat) mess-free space.

The Solution: Create a Rotation

One of the problems with children’s toys is that they collect on your floor you’re your favorite lamp collects dust. Each day seems to add a new toy to the pile and chances are your child doesn't play with all of those toys every day anyway. In fact there are probably some toys that your child hasn't touched in months.

Time to “rotate your stock.” Grab several bins and fill them with toys your child hasn't played with recently. Tuck them away in a safe and out of the way space where you children can’t easily “make a raid” and drag them all back out again. Once a month, pull out a bin and put those toys in your child’s play space. Then refill the bin with the toys your child has been playing with.

Then sit back and watch what happens. It’s surprising how what was old, suddenly becomes “new” again in the eyes of your child. They’ll start playing with those tucked-away toys as if it’s the first time they ever laid eyes on them! The bonus is that your child will experience more creative playtime and you’ll have created a system to reduce the toy clutter in their room.

Side Note: There will always be those precious or favorite toys that should not get packed away and remain available at all times. However, the majority of the toys should enter this monthly rotation and your new found system will make for a cleaner room…and a happier mummy :)


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