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Shannon’s Moment

My name is Shannon and I come from Caboolture, Queensland. When I met my husband we wanted to travel and set ourselves up before bringing a little baby into the world. After 3 years we decided it was finally time to add to our family. I must have been naive because I thought I would fall pregnant instantly as soon as I got off the pill. Year after year, pregnancy test after pregnancy test, that single line became a horrid moment of my dreams crushed. People around me were falling pregnant, having babies and adding to their family. It seems the more you want something, the more you seem to see it everywhere. I tried to be happy for my friends who were having babies and I honestly was but deep inside the pain was so real and the questions of “why not me?” resounded in my head. We tried almost everything and had 3 failed IVF attempts. I almost gave up when one day in the month of September, I started to feel nauseous so I decided to get a pregnancy test kit. Waiting for the results was the longest 2 minutes of my life. 2 minutes passed and I had to rub my eyes in disbelief as 2 little lines appeared. I ran to my husband who was trying to make out what I was saying but understood as he saw the pregnancy test I was holding. We were over the moon with joy. To mark the birth of our little girl Joy, we had the feet necklace made from Belle Fever. It’s so beautiful and fitting for our story. I’ll have to come back for more as we just found out we are expecting our next baby in August.


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