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Podcast4: A surprise for Mum – the whole family in the tree of life

Listen to all of Lauren’s story here

Lauren from Wyoming in NSW has a very special and unique bond with her Mum. Not only is Lauren’s mum her carer – as Lauren suffers from a rare bone disease – 15 years ago, her mum gave her a priceless gift – a kidney that saved Lauren’s life.

Lauren had wanted to get something special for her mum for a while, something that featured the names of the whole family, with room for future additions. She searched high and low at the shops, but wasn’t able to find what she wanted anywhere. Luckily, she had been given the details of the Belle Fever website by someone at the Kidney Transplant Facebook group and she found exactly what she had been searching for. When Lauren found the Circles of Love Tree of Life necklace on the Belle Fever site, she knew that was just perfect, as she could include her sisters and the whole family.

“The tree of love, it indicated the family, I had mum and dad’s name on top and four of us girls around the circle with hearts in between – so we are all sort of connected. In the middle circle is my niece and nephew…..”

Lauren and her sisters decided to get the necklace for her Mum for Christmas and her Mum was totally overwhelmed when she opened it, as Lauren had kept it a complete surprise and she had no idea it was coming. When she opened it, she was absolutely delighted with it and got all teary.

“When she saw it we didn’t quite know if she was going to laugh or cry. She was so excited and showing everyone on Christmas day and goes look everyone! Look what my girls got me…”

Lauren was especially happy that her Mum loves it so much because it is so personal and so unique and if it’s something she really treasures, then it’s extra special.

“I don’t think she’s taken it off ever since she got it. She loves it.”

Seeing how wonderful her Mum’s necklace was and how much her Mum loved, it has inspired Lauren to get gifts for other special people in her life. She even get an extra special piece for herself to honour her Mum and to have a constant reminder of how much she appreciates life now. Her Mum is so important and special to Lauren and personalised jewellery is a way to express that.

“The strength and love that she has for me. She’s always there for me. She’s my angel and I love her dearly.”

She chose a locket with Live Laugh Love, her birthday, and her transplant date, which is like her second birthday. It has her two birthstones (one for her transplant birthday) her Mum’s name engraved on it. Having something that gives her the strength to know today she can keep going and keep fighting, and she has loved ones at her side.

“It’s a constant reminder that Mum was just willing to risk her life to save mine and she gave me the gift of life twice”

Lauren’s sister is also the recipient of another one of Lauren’s gifts – a locket, which among other things, has a clover charm to celebrate their wedding anniversary – which coincidentally is St Patrick’s Day! Happy anniversary today guys!

Hear Lauren’s story here:


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