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Podcast3: The necklace that was the perfect surprise!

Listen to all of Pauline’s story here

Pauline was given a Belle Fever Circles of Love necklace by her daughter, as a surprise gift. Much to the delight of her daughter, Pauline wears it all the time and never takes it off. It has become one of her most treasured jewellery items.

Pauline’s daughter arranged the surprise, by getting it shipped to Pauline’s house. She lives in WA, but pretended she had bought early Christmas present for herself and asked Pauline to let her know when it arrived. The package came a few weeks later and Pauline rang her daughter to let her know it was there. She didn’t realise her daughter’s cunning plan at all. Her daughter asked Pauline if she could open it up just to check it and make sure it was OK and was stunned and thrilled to find out it was actually a gift for her!

“I opened it up to see what she bought… It was a teary moment. It was beautiful.”

The most special part of the gift, was how emotional it was for Pauline’s daughter as well. She wanted to give her mum something special, something she would treasure, so hearing how much it meant to Pauline, she was thrilled as well. It was a gift that brought joy not just to the recipient, but to the giver as well. Pauline got a bit teary recalling that day..

“She said to me Mum I knew it would be special and she said I think this is the best thing I ever bought you in 28 years. It was beautiful…”

Pauline loves that so many names were able to be included on her necklace. It features her husband, her 5 children and stepchildren and also her 5 grandchildren and keeps them all close to her heart.

“It’s something that I never ever expected. When she gave this it meant more than a photo frame or anything like that”

She has three simple, but powerful words to sum up how she feels about her gift “bought with love”

Pauline has become a bit of a Belle Fever fan now, after falling in love with her necklace. She has purchased pieces for her daughter, daughter-in-law, a good friend of hers and she intends to get something special for her mother-in-law this year as well. Pauline loves how special it is to have something that has so much more meaning behind it than just a piece of jewellery.

The quality of her Belle Fever necklace has also impressed Pauline, especially as she wears it constantly and is a family day carer.

“I wear mine all the time and I do home day care. I’ve got kids holding it all the time and I never had a problem with it.”

Listen to all of Pauline’s story here

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