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Podcast2: Family is everything to me – this keeps them close

Listen to all of Sue’s story here

Sue from Harden-Murrumburrah in NSW considers her family the most important thing in her life and wanted to get something special for herself, as a way to keep her loved ones next to her heart – without engraving the names on her heart, this was the closest thing she could get.

“Family is just everything to me. It’s my reason to get up each day and to be here and to be here for them. My purpose in life is to be here for kids and my grandchildren and to have it around my neck it’s really special.”

She chose the Belle Fever Circles of Love necklace as it had room for all the family, She put her husband’s name on the inner circle, her children and their partners on the second circle and her grandchildren on the outside “Basically, family is everything to me. These names are the people that I get up and live for.”

Sue especially liked the flexibility to add further engraving in the future and she left a little room for future additions to the family, as she is hoping there will be more grandchildren.

“I like how can I add to it if I have more grandchildren” “this has options for that, so I’m happy”

When her necklace arrived, she was thrilled, it was exactly what she wanted if not better and she loves it, especially the timelessness of the piece

"I’m very much I’m a person with a lot of photos, and things like that around but this is something that doesn’t like age as photos like age with the people. This you don’t have to change."

Sue has become a bit of a belle fever addict, choosing to purchase personalised pieces for her family on special occasions like birthdays plus Sue has plans to order more for other family members, she has become a bit of a Belle Fever fan and loves browsing the site for inspiration.

Sue’s generous and kind nature was turned back on herself with this purchase, as something special just for her. She is usually a giver, giving to others first, but this piece was extra special, as it was something just for her – she felt it was her time to have a treat.

The necklace allows her to keep her family near her heart at all times – she laughed that this was the next best thing to tattooing the names on her heart, which she can’t do. She wears it all the time and is thrilled that everyone loved it as much as she does.

“Everybody that has seen it absolutely loved it.”

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Listen to all of Sue’s story here


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