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Podcast1: Mum, you’re always going to be with us

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Sadly, Brooke knew she only had a little bit of time left with her mum and she wanted to get something special so her mum would always be close to her. However, she didn’t quite know what that “something special” was. One thing she did know, was that she wanted her Mum to see it.

“it was really important for me, for my mum to see, it was a really beautiful piece to show her and say you’re always going to be with us”

Brooke got the idea of getting a personalised jewellery piece and she spent quite a lot of time looking through different Belle Fever pieces to see if she could find anything she liked. When she scrolled on to the Rose Family necklace, it just jumped out at her and she knew that was it! Her Mum loved roses and it looked so elegant, she decided that was the piece that would honour her Mum and keep not just her Mum, but also her two daughters next to her heart at all times.

The Belle Fever team completely understood the time issues and rushed to produce the necklace and get it to Brooke as quickly as they could, which Brooke was incredibly grateful for, as it meant she was able to show her Mum the piece. Brooke took the parcel to her Mum and they opened it together, to a flood of tears from both of them.

“her seeing it was probably the most emotional, because she absolutely loved it”

The thing that made this piece so much more special for Brooke, was that her Mum got to see it and not just that, her Mum adored it and was blown away by it. It wasn’t just Brooke that was impressed by the quality and beauty of the necklace, her Mum was impressed, which Brooke said wasn’t an easy thing, as she is really picky!

“it made my mum extremely happy, especially the rose, she was so in love with it”

Knowing her Mum loved it, turned this special piece into something so much more than a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is something that will become a family heirloom and is a necklace that touched the lives of not just one, but four people. Brooke, her Mum and her two daughters, whose names also feature on the necklace, all treasure it. The most important women in Brooke’s life, always with her.

“it’s the best thing I’ve done and it way surpassed anything I could have imagined”

Brooke laughs that this necklace will not ever come off her neck – she loves the quality and how solid it is, she knows it will last the test of time. Her two daughters joke that they will fight over who gets it in the future when it gets passed on to the next generation.

Brooke’s advice to anyone faced with losing someone special, is to get your memory piece before, not after, so your loved one can see the item – even though that is incredibly hard and emotional. She said knowing her Mum saw her necklace and loved it, meant everything and it was so much more than just honouring her memory – her Mum is and will always be a part of the piece.

“because she has seen it, it makes it way more special, because I know that she loved it, me wearing it means more now”

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