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Rest easy with these gift ideas

We all know that the perfect (or even just the right) gift can create a lasting impression while making the moment a truly enjoyable experience. Choosing a gift is decidedly more difficult when it comes to planning something fitting for the occasion. Here’s a little secret where we have a few selected designs that make the gift leave a lasting impression.


A personalised gift for any age and a great way to give a gift that lasts. Hand cut with the name or word of your choice.


Weddings are one of the most special days in a person’s life so while everything is about the bride and the groom, celebrating and thanking the people involved is a part of what makes the day special. Pieces have been created for mothers of the bride and groom, children, bridesmaids, and close friends. Having the date and wedding details inscribed on a piece truly is a special token of the day.


What better way to celebrate your love than marking a special date you share with your other half? Add an extra touch of personalisation by inscribing parts of your vows at the back.


There is something about wearing personalised jewellery as a remembrance of a lost loved one. Time and time again stories have been shared with us of how much comfort has been felt by holding a remembrance piece close to the heart and how it has helped many feel that their lost loved one is still close to them.


Inscribing a message of gratitude or inspiration is a priceless gift. Showing someone just how much they mean to you, reminds them of the valuable bond you share.


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