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Mistakes Happen But We Do Our Best To Fix Them!

For every piece, Belle Fever undertakes a number of processes, and more often than not we get it right. The process is outlined below.

  • order generated
  • create summary for designers
  • designer creates the design on the computer
  • cut around the outline by hand (the gold pieces also have additional processes that adds time as the gold needs to be infused)
  • piece passed on to the inscribing team
  • piece passed  on to be polished and then off to enamelling back to polishing and cleaning
  • assembling
  • packing slip printed - details checked carefully for each piece
  • quality check and the envelope is photographed with tracking numbers
  • sent to customer – phew! :)

Even after your receive your Belle Fever product, we will still be there for you no matter what! Please contact us if you have ANY issue at all, for example if there is a spelling mistake or you have received the wrong order. Please contact us at, stating your order number and issue. We will rectify the issue at hand immediately. And if it is our error, we will replace the item at no cost.


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