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Jane’s Moment

I’m Jane and my story isn’t about me, it isn’t about someone famous or someone who is known by the whole world yet it is about someone who changed my whole world. It is about my mother. My mother, like most mothers worked hard to keep a roof over our head, food in our mouths, clothes on our back and education for our future. She was a single mum when dad left us, so she worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs just so she could make ends meet. We may not have had everything we wanted, but we had all we needed. Thanks to my mum I grew up to be the person I am today. Things seemed perfect until mum was feeling sick and started to get migraines all the time, I began to worry, but she assured me everything was alright. I took her to the doctor and our whole life changed. The doctor told us that mum had a lump on the side of her breast and that she required surgery. I will never forget the look on my mother’s face when she received the news. I held on to mum’s hand and told her that everything would be alright, not really knowing if it would. I haven’t seen mum feeling so helpless before, as she was always our strong pillar. I wanted to remind her that she was strong through all this. Call it coincidence but I saw a post on Facebook of the beautiful heart necklace, but most of all the words written on it which said ” you never know how strong you are, until you have to be” this touched me more than anything. I followed the picture and ordered it from Belle Fever for mum. She cried with tears streaming down her face as I placed it on her. I’m blessed to say that after the surgery and months of treatments, mum is now stronger than ever and has dedicated her time to help others who experienced the same.


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