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Inscribed Belle Fever Necklaces for Women: Keep it Short but Sweet

Are you looking for a special gift that will make your special lady swoon on your upcoming anniversary? Personalised jewellery like  inscribed Belle Fever necklaces for women can do just that for you, while also reminding her of your love for many more anniversaries to come. If you find that you’re drawing a blank on what to write on the necklace because of character limits, read on for some tips to keep the message short but sweet.

Put Your Name On It

If you’re a married couple, then you probably have each other’s name engraved on your matching wedding rings already. You can do the same to really drive the message home and this way, she won’t have to take off her ring to admire the inscription. If you’ve got kids, it’s also a good idea to let them in on the fun. A  handmade silver personalised name necklace with your whole family’s name on it is just as sweet a gift any loving mother and wife would appreciate.

A Day to Remember

If you’ve been married for a long time, you’ve probably shared countless romantic moments together but there are just some days that you treasure the most, like your anniversary for example. Let your gift speak for itself and bring a rush of happy memories along with an inscription of a special date in your relationship. Add a short message like “Wedding Anniversary” or “First Date” so it becomes more memorable.

A Personalised Message

If names and numbers don’t do the job for you, you can always opt for a heartfelt, personalised message. It doesn’t even have to be a lengthy verse from a great romantic poet’s work or a tedious quote from her favourite author. A single word or a sweet phrase that the two of you can relate to is enough. If she’s a fan of romance languages like Latin, Spanish, French and Italian, translate your special message to make it different. Surprise her with your hidden talent as a wordsmith and your attention to the details of your intimate moments.

Any well thought out, personalised gift idea is better than an off-the-rack, store-bought one. Skilled makers of handmade jewellery like Belle Fever can help you make your anniversary gift say what you really mean through inscriptions.


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