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How To Deal With A Death Of A Loved One

The death of a dear one can devastate us. The heart aches and the entire world seems meaningless. At times the pain becomes unbearable and we really feel like giving up everything to get back that person. We know that we have to accept death and get along with life. However, there are ways to still cherish the relationship and carry the memory with us forever to get strength and also feel that same love and warmth. Here are the 5 steps that will definitely help you to cope with the death of a loved one.

Grieve the loss

In most cases, we tend to deny the truth. The shock is too great to bear and we keep on turning away from the reality. To deal with the death, we should first accept it and grieve over it. It is important to grieve. You may feel angry, sad or even cheated. Whatever emotion sweeps through your mind, don’t deny it. Feel the pain and loss. Once you admit to yourself the death and go through the emotional cycle, the pain will start to subside.

Get support

Grieving alone increases the pain. You should share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and families. Talk about the grief and what you feel and pour your heart out. Ask people for help, be it just spending time with you or helping in funeral arrangement.

Take care of yourself

This may sound very harsh, but you should take care of yourself in spite of the loss. How would the loved one feel to find you in a devastated state? So, take care of yourself. Try to get back into your normal routine. Do not skip meals. Sleep adequately and try to get some exercise also. If you find sleeping difficult, seek medical help.

Cherish the relationship

You will still feel miserable and to gain strength, take help of the memories. Remember the good times you have spent together. You can keep a personalized jewelry of the loved person to feel him or her close to you and also gain mental strength. Carrying such a memorable item like a name necklace will continue to exude warmth and love and make you feel stronger.

Start rebuilding your life

A death often forces us to rethink about our values and faiths. Thinking about your core values will help you to cope with the loss in a better way. You can slowly remember your loved one without feeling pain and the good memories will always bring a smile to your face. To cherish the relationship, wear a personalised jewelry to continue to feel the love and also get assured that nothing is lost. This will definitely help you to cope with the loss.


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