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How did it get to the collection?

I remember it clear like it was yesterday. A lovely lady named Stacey sent me a Facebook message asking me to design her a pendant that would represent someone special and be a cherished piece that would tell her story. I replied her and told her that I would love to and started asking if she had anything in mind, now, in most cases people that approach us already have a design or a dream piece in mind but Stacey had no ideas and was clearly emotional with her story. So I decided to let her share her story with me so that we could create a design together.

Stacey, started by telling me about how she has two beautiful boys and that she wanted them to be a part of her necklace design. She told me about how special these boys were to her as she had tried for so many years through IVF to have children. I told her that we could definitely do that. She then continued to mention another baby she had, another little boy, she mentioned how gorgeous he was and how she felt so blessed to be able to have spent 3 days with him and that those 3 days meant the world to her. My heart broke as I heard that her little boy had left her after 3 days of meeting him. The amazing thing was that this woman was so strong and had so much appreciation to the fact that she still had the opportunity to hold him even for those 3 days. I told her I would get to the drawing board and create a few designs for her to choose from.

A few days later we designed this necklace, we had the number 3 inside the little heart to represent her little angel’s age, his name with angels wings on either side and her 2 boys on the top and the bottom as a symbol to show that he was surrounded by his big brothers. We then decided on the quote “Always in my heart . Always on my mind” which was a perfect representation of how she felt. It was such an honor to create such a beautiful and meaningful necklace for her and name it after her story.

As time goes by and our collection grows, I will never forget about how each design was created. They each have a story on why they were created and how they came to be in our collection. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I am passionate about and have our collection of designs grow through the stories and the lives we have touched.

If you ever have a story that you would like to capture in jewellery, feel free to contact me or any one in my team. We would love to do that for you 🙂


Your Chief Moment Maker,


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