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Help.. I need a gift

A birthday, an anniversary, a way to say thank you or to encourage someone and give them hope. Whatever the reason, finding the perfect gift can be quite difficult.

When looking for a gift, you want to make sure you impress the special person and show them that the gift you have chosen is something that is especially for them.

Today we had a lovely lady contact us and tell us of why she chose to place an order for an Infinity Name Necklace for her friend. Her friend is a mother of 3 and she is struggling with raising her children as a single mother, one of them has recently left her and has not been in contact. She wanted to get her friend a special gift that was not only a beautiful thoughtful one, but also carried the names of her children so that it would give her hope that some day her relationship with her child would be mended through the infinite love a mother has for her child. She also bought her this gift so that she could keep her children close to her heart even if she isn’t able to physically hug all 3 of them…. what a wonderful gesture!

I love my Infinity Name Necklace as it allows me to have my name and my daughters name side by side combined with the infinity symbol, which to me represents forever and eternity. I never take mine off and I have been told by many others that they do the same too. If you are anything like me, taking off jewellery causes me to misplace it or forget to put it back on.

So if you are stuck for a gift and want us to create an Infinity Name Necklace that can be worn everyday to keep loved ones close, while it continues to shine, then click the link below and you can start creating one right away.


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