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Happy Birthday To Us, Happy Birthday To Us…

You may have seen on one of our social media channels or across the website that this week Belle Fever is celebrating its birthday...Valentines Day to be exact was the day that Belle Fever was born - 3 years ago!

You may have heard the story of how Belle Fever started, but if you haven't - it's a good one so we're going to tell it again! :)

Sarah - the founder and Chief Moment Maker at Belle Fever started the store after she searched for years for alternatives to the mass produced, low quality, generic jewellery that is readily available. After wanting a name necklace when she was younger, she was so disappointed that after only a few weeks, her new piece started to look cloudy, then it turned black and tarnished.

Having taken it to a few jewellers they told her that her skin was very acidic and that it would keep happening with all sterling silver jewellery. Blacksmiths suggested titanium as an alternative but because this is such a strong metal it meant that Sarah couldn't find any of the delicate pieces she wanted.

So the search began for a new metal that was strong, hardwearing, non-allergenic AND could be shaped into beautiful, intricate pieces - the result -  Monel Silver and Moneil Gold, metals as strong as titanium but with qualities allowing them to be forged into delicate pieces.

Sarah began making her own jewellery at this point and as friends and family started asking where she got the pieces from that looked so beautiful she began making them for other people and this grew into the amazing collection that is Belle Fever today.

Named after her daughter, Isabella, the mission of Belle Fever is to make beautiful, high quality pieces that are hardwearing, anti tarnish, anti allergenic but still affordable so that everyone can celebrate their special moments in life with gorgeous keepsakes.

You can read more about the story here.


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