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Handwritten Love

I can still remember the smell of my grandmother’s perfume and I still have the little notes she left me when she would slip some pocket money to me to teach me some saving habits that I have since been able to keep. Her little notes are now a reminder of those memories, with her cursive, neat and beautiful handwriting, it is just as unique as she is.

Nowadays, with computers and phones handwritten letters are becoming close to non existent, which makes them extra special and something that should be captured! Like all great ideas, this one came from a customer who wanted to do just that so she sent in a photo of her nan’s handwriting and our designers got to work to capture this beautiful keepsake on an endless bangle for her. It turned out beautiful and became a keepsake that captured not only something unique to a person, their handwriting, but also a memory and moment that is special.

If you have a note you are hanging on to and want to capture it in jewellery that you can wear close to your heart, drop us a line and we can do that for you too.



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