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Gifts That Will Get You Into Mum’s Naughty List

Mums do not always get what they want on their special day. Since, there is only one day each year dedicated to giving thanks to mothers for all that they do, it is crucial to give her an awesome gift that she will cherish.

Some of the worst gifts that you can give your mum can be anything from oven mitts to cookbooks. Regardless of the gift that you choose, be sure to stay away from the read duds, such as:

  • Gag Gifts – Although mums have a great sense of humour, steer clear of gag gifts that she is not likely to find all that funny like bacon-flavoured frosting or edible undies. All that she does nothing to joke about, nor is the holiday meant to honour her.
  • Anything Diet Related – You need to tell your mum that you love her just the way she is, not alienate her with diet books, fitness videos or exercise equipment. If your mum is the sporty type, try a personalised yoga mat or aroma therapy candles instead.
  • Wrinkle Cream – Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate all those laughs lines and the memories that made them. Stay away from youth serums and other hints of cosmetic improvement.
  • Household Appliances – While your mum may have expressed a desire for a new vacuum cleaner or mentioned how convenient a new kitchen mixer would be, but that does not mean that either is a good idea for a Mother’s Day gift. There is not a single woman on this planet that wants a reminder of all of her household chores on her special day. Nor does she want to open her gift only to realise that all you see her as is the one who does all the cooking and cleaning.

A few other gifts that you want to avoid include shoehorns, cookbooks, frying pans and chainsaws. In order to show her how much she means to you, really put some thought into your gift this year.

Give the most important woman in your life something that says I know you, I love you and I appreciate all that you do, such as personalised jewellery or handcrafted furniture. Think about the things that she enjoys most and keep those things in mind when shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. When it comes to celebrating your mum, you need a gift that is just as special as she is to you.


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