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Each Piece As Unique As You Are

Whether it be a new mum experiencing her first baby's touch, an unspoken word of encouragement for someone going through the storms of life, or simply just to show off your family proudly. No matter what the story, we want to tell it for you.

A customer and I became close friends and asked me to create a heart shaped pendant about hope and encouragement. She asked me to include a rainbow, a sign of hope, and specific words. I created a drawing and she loved it. We exchanged messages every day about our children, (both our daughters are called Bella), our weekend plans and even the struggles we were going through. I created the pendant and sent it to her. I never heard back from her and sent her a message to which she never replied. I assumed she was upset or perhaps not happy with the piece.

A few months later I received a message from one of her friends. She thanked me and told me how much the pendant meant. Sadly, the customer had passed away a month back due to an illness and now her little daughter Bella was wearing it. Despite the heartbreak and immense sadness, her friend told me how much the piece meant to the family. For Bella to wear a Heart of Hope created by her mother was such a beautiful thing.


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