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Do you think Brynne loves it?

Sometimes even I can get stuck designing personalised jewellery when a customer has a special request to capture a special moment. I just want to make sure it is something that they will love and cherish forever, but not only are our pieces all unique, so are all people who wear them so finding a match comes from the heart. When I was given the challenge of finding a special font that would represent the lovely Brynne Edelsten I was honored and excited.

I see Brynne as a fun, loving and feminine girl so I wanted a font that represented that as well as carry a seamless flow between each letter of her name.

Sitting with pen and paper (this is how dreams start to become a reality), I started to sketch her name in a few different styles, after 3 attempts we finally got the size and the font perfect. Cutting around this new flowing font was a difficult task due to the thin seamless lines, but we got it! (it’s harder than it sounds 😉

As with every order I pack, I cleaned and wiped down each part of the necklace and placed it in our Belle Fever gift box hoping she would be happy with her necklace as much as I was.

Needless to say, I received a lovely message that she loved her necklace and have noticed she hasn’t taken it off!

I believe that with passion everything is possible, that if you want something so bad, you will find a way to make it happen.

If you want me and my crew to capture your special moment, have a chat to us today 🙂


Stay inspired,


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