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Dealing with a Tanty!

Temper Tantrums are sometimes the only method of communication for toddlers, especially when they are just learning to speak in sentences. These tips will help mothers cope with their toddler’s temper tantrums and hopefully teach their children that it is not the only way to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Do Something Silly

If you feel your child is becoming agitated and all the sure signs of a temper tantrum is surfacing – do something completely silly and make them laugh. Are they fussing and not allowing you to change their nappy? Put a new nappy on your head and make funny faces – this will give them a major case of giggles. A good laugh helps to relieve any stress chemicals from the brain (both for mother and child!)

Whispering Works

Is your child screaming at the top of their lungs? The worst thing you can do is engage them in an “out-yell” competition. Instead, start whispering to them with soothing words like, “Mummy’s sorry you’re upset right now, let’s grab you a yummy snack.” As soon as you begin speaking your child will most likely quiet down to listen to what you have the say, and by the same token will start to wonder why you’re speaking in hush tones and will often times try to mirror this mode of communication. Don’t reply on this tip to work all the time because they can start to catch onto our wily ways.

Repetition is Key

It’s ten minutes before dinner and your child wants to have ice cream and begins to throw a fit. Make sure you reinforce the rule to them, over and over again, “We don’t eat ice cream before dinner, we don’t eat ice cream before dinner” Repetition is key in this matter, and be sure not to change any of the words and speak in an authoritative voice. The repetition of the message will begin to bore the tantrum out of the toddler and will help the message “stick” with the child the next time they decide to crave ice cream right before dinner.

Do you have any tips that you have found helpful?


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