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Belle Fever Necklaces for Women: Custom Gift for Your Lady Best Friend

You have this girl best friend you truly adore. She’s a treasure chest of the deepest, embarrassing secrets you have. You know each other very well and you enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else in the world. She’s special to you in a purely platonic way and you want to give her something that’ll remind her of your friendship. Perhaps it will be her birthday soon or she’s celebrating an achievement or life circumstances demand you part ways. These are the best times to give her a gift, but what will it be?

If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to give your girl best friend, consider jewellery. Girls love pieces that carry both style and sentimental value. Personalised and inscribed  Belle Fever necklaces for women, for instance, will make her feel really close to you. If she loves the design, she may even wear it all the time. The question is: what’s a good message to inscribe? Most people usually have their  personalised custom jewellery gift inscribed with the recipient’s name, but if you want to make your gift more special, what about inscribing your secret nickname for each other or an inside joke only the two of you know? A quote would be wonderful too. Think of a memorable quote of hers you’d never forget, something really funny or philosophically deep or a quote from a favourite character she’s a huge fan of. Does she have a unique expression? If so, she might find it charming to see it inscribed in your present.

She’ll certainly appreciate the gift if you’ve given it much thought, and this involves choosing kind of designs and tones she’s fond of wearing. Observe the kind of pieces she usually wears. Does she love gold? Silver? Rose? Ring-like, heart-shaped pieces? If she doesn’t wear jewellery often, take a peek in her jewellery box, go window shopping together during one of your hangout days or ask another close friend of hers what style she may like. If you’re still not sure, then browse through websites of custom jewellery stores like Belle Fever for design ideas.

Source: Gift Ideas for Your Female Best Friend, Independent Femme

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