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Louise is a good home grown Southern Belle that has gone through many trials and tribulations in her life, as many of us have. She had been married three times and was about to embark on her fourth marriage. After many years of abusive and heart breaking relationships her ship finally sailed into port. She had been alone for about four years and was just finally embracing the fact of being an empty nester.

Louise had gone through one abusive relationship after another. Raised six kids and helped raise multitudes of their friends. She one day walked in to her local pub to sing karaoke and found the man that she would want to actually be with for the remainder of her life, and his name was Kevin. Neither one of them were looking for a relationship, they became friends, began to date, and finally realized they didn’t want to ever be apart from one another. So while watching a movie one day Kevin took off a ring that he had worn for about 10 years that was special to him, slipped it on her finger and said merry me, and of course she said yes.

Now they were going to be married. Kevin had four children, two children of his own and two he adopted as his own. Louise she had two boys. They were becoming the new Brady Bunch. The wedding came fast and each of the children was a part of the wedding five boys and one girl. Louise had all her Bridesmaids and Kevin had all his Groomsmen.

Louise’s Bridesmaids meant so much to her. They were a big piece to her puzzled life. Louise really wanted to have something special for them that would represent that puzzle. She searched high and low and just could not find anything, well that was until she was browsing through Facebook one day. She came across an ad offering jewelry for those meaningful moments in life. She began looking through their Facebook page and ideas just began to pop. She soon found herself browsing through their online store. Then there it was the perfect piece, the Triple Heart Puzzle Pendant.

Louise ordered right away. She had it specially designed with six pieces. Each piece was inscribed with each girls name and the date of her wedding. The day of her Bridal shower/Bachelorette party she gave each of them their piece to her puzzle. They each fell in love with it. They each placed it on their necks and wore them for the rest of the night. At the wedding the girls all stood in a circle, placed all the pieces together and the perfect picture was formed.

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