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Becoming a Belle Fever jewellery designer

Designing your own personalised jewellery can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, wouldn’t you agree? The first time is the hardest, but after the first you will find that its actually quite fun and easy to do. Follow these steps for success.

Step 1: Decide which design

What kind of jewellery are you after? Is it for a particular moment or occasion? Is it for you or for a gift? Are you wanting to recreate a design you have seen on someone, in a store or magazine? These kinds of questions are perfect to prepare for the designing process

Step 2: Decide the tone

What tones and metals do you normally wear? See what skin tone you have and which metal tones suit your skin tone. Check out our skin tone matching guide here.

Step 3: Decide on your inscriptions

Think words Are you after something that inspires you or something that marks a special event? Inscribing your favourite quote or mantra to keep you inspired or details that mark a special event, such as the birth of a child where you can inscribe the date, baby’s name, length, birth time, etc. Think names Do you want it to keep your loved ones close to you heart? Inscribe their names. Want to create a family heirloom that can be passed on to generations? Personalise it with all the names of your family members in order from oldest to youngest. Do you want to have a signature piece with your children’s names inscribed on it?

Step 4: Decide on the layout, symbols

Do you want a sentimental piece that shows your love or close bond? Then hearts would be the most popular choice. Is the inscription more a quote or members of your family tree? Then perhaps the dots will be a better option. Consider the feel and emotional connection of your piece and which symbol you would like as well as the layout and order of words or names.

Step 5: Choose your chain length

Where do you normally have your pendant sit on your neck or bracelet space on your wrist? That’s the one to choose. If you are unsure of your length or want your necklace or bracelet to sit at a different position, see our sizing guide here. We can help you if you have any concerns- feel free to come on our online chat or add the details in your order notes.

Step 6: Waiting

This is the hardest step of all! Waiting for your personalised designed jewellery to wear. Then it’s time to fall in love with your piece and the sentimental meaning it carries.


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