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5 ways to Organise your Jewellery

Who knew that the simplest things, oftentimes things you have right in your own home, can make for very functional and creative ways to display your jewellery. Not only do these trendy and repurposed items add a fresh look to your dressing area, they are incredibly easy to make and use. Here are some of my top picks:

  • Good Old Fashioned Coffee Mug Organisers: You may have seen these at thrift stores and dismissed them as a relic of a past decorating era. But the “what’s old is new again” trend of repurposing these wood or metal cups into either wall mountable, or free standing, makes these cup holders excellent organising solutions for just pennies.
  • Corkboards: Bulletin boards or “cork boards” come in so many fun shapes, designs and colors that using them as functional ways to display necklaces and bracelets is very appealing to fashionistas. Simply use colored push pins, map tacks or even T-pins to create a customisable space for your hang-able jewellery.
  • Tins Are In: Rings are a fun way to accessorise one’s wardrobe, but oftentimes our cherished rings end up in a jumbled pile on the dresser. Go “shabby chic” by spray painting vintage muffin tins in hip colors and use them to keep your finger-wear in order.
  • Repurpose a Garden Rake: We love the look of old-school garden rakes with comb style teeth. Envision this universal tool{with handle removed} hanging in your dressing area as a fun, vintage and functional way to hang necklaces and bracelets
  • Burlap and Chicken Wire: An odd combination we know, BUT chicken wire mounted to the backside of a classy picture frame and then backed with burlap makes for a unique way to hang earring and necklaces. Any earrings with hook-style backs can loop right of the chicken wire or slip into the weave of the burlap. Mount on the wall for easy access and you are set!

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