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5 Ways to Capture Babyhood

The Season of Parenthood seemingly flies by in the blink of an eye. One minute our little precious bundles of joy are born, the next minute they are asking for the keys to the car. But no time seems to pass by as quickly as those precious first months of your baby’s life. Here are some ideas on how to capture those moments of “babyhood” to treasure forever:

Create a Keepsake: Keepsakes are just as it sounds, something kept forever. Some parents opt for handprints or footprints cast in clay that are then displayed with pride on a mantle or dresser. But what if you could take the preciousness of those handprints and make it into something you want wear and display on your body? You can! Hand on My Heart is Belle Fever's first design with your child's hand print as the centerpiece. Images of your baby’s hand print can be uploaded and incorporated onto this pendant or a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Take Pictures! Our lives are filled with the technology and the gadgets to be able to record every laugh, squeak, roll or hand clap with ease. Use your Smartphone’s camera option to catch spontaneous milestones or carry a compact digital camera in your pocket or diaper bag at all times. Upload all photos to a safe place to ensure they never get lost and use them to create memory books or photo albums for your family to enjoy.

Start a Memory Box: Remember how tiny your baby’s socks used to be, can you recall what her favorite Minnie Mouse sleeper looked like or even the day of her first hair cut or lost tooth? Start a memory box as a quick and easy way to keep these simple, yet precious, mementos safe and easy to find. Your Memory Box can be a basket, a shoe box or even a waterproof tote. Just designate a special place to store your baby’s treasures so they can be found and enjoyed for a lifetime.


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